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HR Policies followed by Machino

We at Machino believe that a company's success in its entirety rests on the competent shoulders of its personnel. An organizational set-up is like a network where many departments work in coordination to propel the company forward. Production is responsible for manufacturing the product while marketing pushes it forth outside the company to the markets. Even parallel departments bank heavily on the personnel department that secures, uses and develops appropriate manpower to get the job done! These observations have led us to understand the need to have a well tuned and efficient personnel department.

Our Personnel Department endeavors to:

  • Attract, secure and utilize skilled individuals capable of performing efficiently in a given organizational set-up.
  • Generate maximum personal development of people within the organization
  • Obtain maximum returns from the company's investment in human resource development

Unlike other fixed assets, manpower is a profit that augments through effective utilization and ample improvement. One can always find a place under the sun, but it truly takes courage and inspiration to shine brighter than the rest. An employee is like putty in the hands of the Personnel Manager. He moulds an individual to suit the company's requirements and ultimately creates a progressive environment. In such a scenario, individuals feel encouraged to exert their whole-hearted effort towards the realization of pre-determined objectives. A successful manager is one who guides and inspires the actions of personnel under his purview to reach organizational goals and simultaneously utilizes the resources available.

HR activities undertaken by Machino

At one end of the HR spectrum, Machino lays great emphasis on extensive training, performance-based promotions, cross-functional transfers and effective succession plans to keep employees motivated. At the other end, we encourage a friendly and amicable working environment that does away with the usual rigid system of administrative hierarchy. Top managers visit the shop floor and talk informally with individual employees, share with subordinates the knowledge that they have gained through years of experiences. This helps broaden the professional horizons of the juniors. Senior managers conduct monthly informal chat sessions with individual employees to explore their level of job satisfaction, performance, focus and need for assistance, if required.

As a reactionary performance-based incentive, congratulatory letters for outstanding achievements are awarded to employees. The best employees are rewarded for their outstanding performances, increased production and for effective and intelligent suggestions. Sweets are distributed amongst employees on birthdays and festive occasions to harbor a sense of familial working environment and interactions off the professional front.


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