At Machino Plastics Ltd, we believe that only state-of-the-art equipment can manufacture high-quality products. Therefore we are constantly involved with the up-gradation of our facilities by investing in modern machinery for higher efficiency.

Our wide range of injection moulding machines ranges from a capacity of 100 tons to 3150 tons. These machines are purchased from well-known companies like UBE, JSW, Toshiba, CLF, Haitian, Ferromatic and L&T.

As pioneers in plastic injection moulding we offer customers the best solution for their injection moulding needs. We initiate the process from selection of material to designing of the tool to component manufacture. We keep controls on each process to pass validation testing & exceed expectations of customers.

We mould complex parts meticulously as per our client’s specifications. Our in-depth experience with the materials and processes help us meet the geometry and tolerances that any product demands. By paying attention even to a very small feature of the design on a normal-sized part, we maximize efficiencies, save production time, and lower costs